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Hi, I need help with essay on In 2002, the GSCC introduced a code of practice for social care workers and employers. Explain the purpose of the code of practice. How useful is it to aid social workers when faced with ethical dilemmas in practice. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The codes have similar regulation to doctors, therapists and health care practitioners and provides a way to social workers and employers to register themselves, so that one who breach the codes could be removed from the Social Care Register, once and for all.

The Care Standards Act 2000 after analysing the decreasing concern over social services marked further developments to underpin quality in care where a National Care Standards Commission was to make provision for the registration, inspection and regulation of a range of services that included childrens homes, independent hospitals, care homes, domiciliary care agencies, fostering agencies and voluntary adoption agencies (Leathard, 2003: 29). The concern of Care Standards Act was to induce ethical and moral values where social workers may perform their jobs in inter-professional working environments.

Ethical practice seeks to express the basic value of social justice by applying the principles from areas of social practice, such as advocacy on behalf of people with learning difficulties, improving childrens life and social work education programs. The purpose behind GSCC codes is the theoretical incorporation of anti-discriminatory practice into social work teaching (Weinstein et al, 2003: 83). In recent years professional values have been defined for both health and social care which set out in detail the rights and responsibilities of service-users, autonomous and informed consent, privacy, confidentiality and care of records.

The main purpose behind the code of practice was to provoke the concern over ethical values in relation to social work and inter-professional collaboration. It was to alleviate the barriers of misunderstanding that social workers are not only to promote individual well-being and autonomy in a context of social justice, but to make them remember that the main responsibility of social working is to share a common set of ethical values and not the

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