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Hook * 

Anchor *

General business problem [GBP}

Specific business problem [SBP]


*The hook and anchor each contain references to recent peer-reviewed work.

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  • Problem statement
  • On average, the current tax preparation business is faced with the inability to retain qualified staff as a result of the seasonal nature of the work leading to inaccuracies in preparation and rigidity of the process. Coming up with new strategies that will ensure that other services such tax consultancy are offer will ensure that qualified staff are retained for a successful tax preparation business
  • References
  • https://taxingsubjects.com/our-blog/business-strategy/how-to-start-a-successful-tax-preparation-business/
  • http://smallbusiness.chron.com/swot-analysis-bookkeeping-tax-companies-34194.html
  • Topic Strategies for a successful tax preparation business
  • Problem Statement
  • How can one start preparing tax returns for others or provide necessary recommendations for an individual wanting to do the same?
  • Launching a business is a great journey requiring better planning. Similarly, tax preparation business is more about the location and marketing than just preparing taxes. Millions of Americans pay a tax professional to prepare and file their tax return on a yearly basis. As the number of taxpayers continues to grow, there is a great need for qualified Tax professionals. As a result, when one starts his or her tax, he will be in a position to meet the growing demand as well attaining flexible security he or she deserves.
  • It is therefore essential to know useful in preparing the taxes accurately. As a trusted tax, it is also necessary to inform the clients that you are in a position to provide them with additional financial services as expected. This paper will explain information including the license, and the ability for one to provide financial services like IRAS, retirement plans and insurance among others. Moreover, bookkeeping and payroll services will be as well essential for business tax clients to offer additional year-round revenues.
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