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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Create 2 pages handout of criteria to ensure that information found on the internet is accurate and reliable. the task is to boil down how to assess reputable websites and translate that knowledge into a form usable by patient.

For the purpose of this paper the source that will be evaluated as a suspect website will be NaturalNews.com (2011) and the source of information that will be considered a reliable source of accurate information will be the Health Canada: Drugs and Health Products Website (2011). Most of the criteria used to evaluate the websites will be based on the University of Colorado: Library Resources on how to evaluate the validity of a website (2011)

In regards to why Natural News can be considered a suspect website can be broken down into several reasons. Firstly it is the case that most articles are written in a opinionated style, for example articles will often try to place blame on an individual or organization rather than the illness itself. Secondly the language being used often incorporates, pseudo-scientific words and phrases such as karma, secret conspiracy etc. Upon examination of the website any reader will notice that there are a whole host of so called natural medicines being sold. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing for a website to utilize advertising, it is the case that the articles seem to tie into products that are being sold on the article in question. Most articles on natural news incorporate links to other websites although the links typically bring the reader to other pages on Natural News and other sites such as Wikipedia (Which typically is not acceptable material for academic works). Finally, articles are not typically being written by professionals such as medical doctors, scientific researchers, nurses etc. Moreover the articles do not seem to be peer reviewed by these sorts of professionals as well.

An example of a good website that may be of some use to anybody interested in nursing would be the Health Canada: Drugs and Health Products Website (2011). Upon early examination one notices that the website does not feature any advertising of any kind which means that there is no direct financial incentive for the existence of the

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