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Need an argumentative essay on Managing People in Hospitals. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The experience is about how I managed a sudden accident that took place in the hospital without disturbing the normal routine.

It was a sunny Wednesday morning, when I was walking in the corridor of the hospital to attend one of my patients while walking I realized I ‘d a stiff back that day and my job demanded a lot of mechanical work so it wasn’t any good for me. But my happy go lucky nature and my attitude of taking problems light helped me again that day and I made my entry in the intensive care unit almost completely forgetting my pain.

In the ICU when I reached to a patient REHMAAN, a nice man though but very disappointed with his health, I gave him a routine check-up and then guided the ward boy to do the needful so as the treatment is well in place.

And after analyzing few more patients I headed towards my cabin to take a small rest bout. While resting I heard a sharp voice as if someone dropped the medicine tray and all the bottles broke down, being a senior in that wing it becomes my responsibility to keep track of such incidents and reach out for any kind of help.

As soon as I came out of cabin I saw Ryan lying down on the ground holding his left arm with right hand and the medicine tray was near his right shoulder. All bottles were broken and drug stains were all over. Ryan was crying in pain and was breathing very heavily as he has this problem of anxiety at times, I tried to help him to sit against the wall but he being a healthy guy it was a difficult task for me alone to do it. I tried to calm him down a bit but his breath was really going very abnormal, I got him a glass of water from he merely had a sip as he was not feeling comfortable at all.

At the same time I required to make sure that calling any wad boys for help should not result in attention degrade for patients, so after making Ryan sit against the wall I went into the adjacent the wall I went into the adjacent ICU and quickly analyzed the current scenario like who all patients need extra care and who are almost recovered so that some guys can attend to 3-4 patients so that I get some helping hands.

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