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I need some assistance with these assignment. an application on the theories of motivation: understanding the hierarchy of needs and erg theory Thank you in advance for the help! This research will begin with the statement that work motivation has become increasingly important for organizational management in understanding the quality and the content of the work outcomes among employees. The identification of the role of motivation has been identified through different studies and experts during the 20th century. Accordingly, the motivation frameworks and principles in the 21st century have gained popularity as it has explained and incorporates different theories that represented the human necessities, personality, values, thinking, emotions, environment, and behavior. Consequently, the conceptualization of motivation had arrived at different understanding from different experts in order to integrate the principles of different theories. In relation to this, organizational management endeavored to further progress the role of motivation for work efficiency among employees. Particularly, organizational employees engage in work activities in order to obtain achievement, contentment, honor, and also respect. Accordingly, there are different motivational theories that are classified into two categories, and these are the content theories and process theories. The content theories are motivational principles that focus on attaining the basic human needs and objectives while the process theories are motivational principles that focus on the manner in achieving individuals goals and gratifying individual needs. Hence, motivational theories are more likely to center its explanation on the concept of reason and the manner while human person engages in such activity such as working. Consequently, this present paper aims to discuss the two well known motivational theories that have gained important role within the organizational context. Hence, this paper will focus on the two theories and the manner of how to effectively apply in the organizational settings. Abraham Maslow developed a motivational theory in terms of a hierarchical structure which would explain that human beings are motivated to satisfy their basic needs.

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