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Complete 13 pages APA formatted article: Education and Technology in Practice in the East. Another challenge lies within the language format since most web-based applications are English and the language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic. Other challenges may lie in the availability of special education technology in the country, as well as the costs of developing and implementing these technologies into the community. The research proposes to examine these challenges and determine if there are other underlying causes that may not be readily identified. The objective of this research is to explore the challenges in the implementation of educational technology, with the goal of discovering technologies that are beneficial for education and suitable for the distinctive Saudi Arabian culture. The final recommendations for technology improvement will be related to public and private schools in Saudi Arabia. Initial thoughts are that private schools may be more accepting of newer educational technologies and have more available resources to implement these technologies. This research is founded on the belief that education in Saudi Arabia has a bright future, once the challenges are discovered, assessed, and overcome. Saudi Arabia committed itself to apply a five-year plan for 2000-2005, which encompasses objectives and policies that are supposed to realize a quantum leap in providing education for all.

Threats for educational technology development in Saudi Arabia can be identified as the quantitative development and the capacity of the educational basis. This can be examined through the indicators of quantitative expansion and accordingly to the increase in the number of students. This requires the expansion and the growth of the occupancy rate in schools as well as a level of education that realizes the desirable educational objectives. Furthermore, the technological qualitative changes during the last quarter of the current century caused a quantum leap in the various fields and sectors. Thus, expectations for educational technology can not be easily quantified because the technology will be used in order to develop the technology itself, and changes in the technology can be very fast.

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