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ies that led him into poetry include those of joy that compiled a synesthesia whereby whenever he felt a touch and sound he could hear them play off each other in the form of a light and airy melody (73). These kinds of memories inspired him into writing poetry.

I think that Rose may have decided to put graduate school on hold and join the Teacher Corps with the aim of intensifying, increasing, and/or heightening his knowledge in writing. As seen, Mike Rose would even misspell simple words and lead himself into sociolinguistic gaffes (77). For this reason, his work would incorporate many grammatical errors so joining the Teacher Corps would have acted as a substantial move towards improving both his writing skills and life experience in the poetry.

The community where Rose served while in the Teacher Corps was poverty stricken, dry, and remote. This follows the idea that Rose described the area as far from reach and was favored by the administration for it sent teacher interns into such areas. Additionally, most of the children’s backgrounds were deteriorated due to poverty related cases. Children languished in poverty as lack of necessities traversed the entire community. Due to the demographics of the area, teachers ought to be more sensitive to factors that can alleviate poverty from the community.

Some of the different approaches incorporated by Rose in children that needed extra attention included holding personalized lessons. Believably, Rose did succeed in this approach but some daunting factors as caused by poverty hindered the approach from presenting optimum results (78).

The book shows that Harold is Rose’s friend and his center of attention while trying to bring out the sensible situation of the community in discussion. Harold represents an ultimate state of individual students in addition to the school’s system by indicating that this approach is significant and can present crucial results if initiated and maintained (81).

Rose, Michael. The

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