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The Measurement of Central Tendencies The central measure of tendencies for the data sets of years of school completed and mother’s education give a clearer picture of the possible relationship between the two variables. The population used for the research topic was 575 respondents. The mean (M) for this population was 13.65 which shows that on average the respondents attended one year plus of college. The M for mothers’ education was slightly lower at 11.71. The median for both was based on a range of 0 – 20. However, when the median was factored into the population the data set showed that the population’s highest degree was 14 which equals the completion of some college. The median and mode for the mothers equaled 12 meaning the majority of the respondents complete high school and did not attend college. The mode for the highest degree of the population of 12 shows that the completion of high school was the most often chose answer. The mode was selected 134 times which equals 23% by highest degree participants and 203 or 35% for mothers. The standard deviation (SD) of 3.2 shows that 68% of the respondents’ highest degree was between 10.45 and 16.85. The SD for mother’s education was 3.8 for mothers.

Salkind (2017) discussed the correlation coefficient whereas the relationship of two variables that are continuous in nature named the Pearson correlation coefficient. A Pearson’s correlation was run to test a possible relationship between highest year of school completed (M = 13.65, SD = 3.21) and sleep (M = 12.00, SD = 3.844). Pearson’s correlation results indicate there is not a significant, positive relationship between the highest year of school and highest year school completed mother = .182. This indicates that those with the highest year of school completed did not identify as mothers. The Pearson correlation was used based on the parametric data provided by assigning the highest degree with the highest grade an individual completed. There is a relationship between the years of school completed and mother education. The data shows that there is a similar relationship among the highest year completed and mother’s completion rates.

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