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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Impact of HESI Specialty Exams.

These two theories were used as the basis for formulating a model for constructing Critical Thinking Test objects that were used in this study. This same model was used for the previously concluded eight studies that were carried out to study the effectiveness of E2 in predicting the success of NCLEX-RN (Zweighaft, 2013).

The E2 and the HESI Specialty Exam produced by the Elsevier, and the Ninth Validity Study Questionnaire, which was a design of the researcher, were used for data collection. The E2 is always administered during the final semester or quarter of the nursing curriculum. Its blueprint is a reflection of what is there in the NCLEX-RN plan. The HESI Specialty Exams always come at the end of the nursing curriculum. The study mainly used the HESI exams with testing units that are greater than 300. The questionnaire, which had 19 multiple-choice with open fields for comments, was used mainly to gather information from the deans and the directors of the respective schools regarding their policies on E2 and HESI Specialty exams. It also asked questions about the outcomes of the NCLEX-RN (Zweighaft, 2013).

This study made use of Non-Experimental design. All user and none user schools were enumerated and a Random Number generator was used. Deans and directors from 97 schools of nursing were invited. Stratification of random samples of the schools was done based on the three levels, Baccalaureate, Associate degree and diploma. A sample of 3790students from 63 randomly selected schools participated in this study and power analysis indicated that this was a good sample.The study found out that the E2 are highly accurate in predicting the success of NCLEX-RN. The students who took part in Specialty Exams also showed higher means in their E2 scores than those who did not take the Specialty Exams. This was determined using the Welch-Satterthwaite’s test (Zweighaft, 2013). Since the data obtained in this ninth study are consistent with those of the previous studies, it shows that E2 scores can be good predictors of the success of the NCLEX-RN.

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