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Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses From Modernisation Theory perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Edward Saids understanding of the relationship between knowledge, power and modes of representation in relation to the contemporary politics.

He thinks that self created and unfounded biases have been used as justification by Western powers to maintain control in Middle East and Asia on one pretext or the other.

Modernization theory was deliberated in detail in 1960s to analyze why some countries achieved economic development where others could not. This theory predicts that countries must change their traditional values, infrastructure, industry and institutions. These values are present in developed countries, nations remain underdeveloped because they discourage individual talent and promote favoritism (Anderson and Taylor, 2005, P252). According to Harrison modernization was used as a political instrument by USA to stop flirting of poor nations with USSR during the cold war. In 1949 US President Truman announced the Point Four Program to aid efforts of economically under developed areas to develop resources and improve living conditions. (Harrison, 1988, P8). Modernization theory was developed by USA for two fold objectives during Cold War. the doctrine of containment provided the “moral core” and aid competition with USSR necessitated a hidden pursuit of self interest, thus notion of “free world” was promoted (Preston, 1982, P157).

Edward Said has deliberated that Modernization Theory has derived out of Orientalism because developed nations use modernization and development as a political tool to keep influence over the Orientals or the past colonies. Western powers have physically left the colonies but maintain control over under developed world through modernization efforts and Aid. According to the work of Said in the book Orientalism, cultural challenges and frictions between East and West have been elaborated in greater detail. According to McLeod, Said’s Orientalism is a study of how the western Colonial powers of Britain and France represented and conducted North Africa and

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