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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What are the theoretical and practical limitations of the best practice and resource based models of Strategic Human Resource Management What implications does this have for our understanding of the Strategic Human Resource Management field. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Having said that this is not an easy task to begin with, since a great amount of learning is required both by the top management working within the organization and the human resource management department that essentially has to enact pathways and find alternate solutions to meet those very goals and objectives. This paper will study how strategic human resource management is being employed within organizations and how theoretical and practical limitations are being tackled within such quarters. It will also aim to study where the negativities with respect to the human resource management lie and how these can be taken care of in an amicable fashion. The need is to find out the implications for the overall comprehension of the strategic human resource management field which is all the more significant in the time and age of today. It will set the basis of further growth and development that will ensure progress within any organization that exists.

Since strategic human resource management focuses entirely on how well things have been planned from a strategic perspective, it is of paramount essence to know that strategic human resource management would fail if it is not seen from the long term settings, and thus its insight shall be gained from such tenets. If these understandings are drawn from gaining an edge into this field, it will guarantee harmony within an organization and its employees would also achieve success within their ranks. The strategic human resource management is an important heading within the organization which needs to be understood from the employee domains. An insight into this means that the employees shall know where they need to speak to the human resource management department regarding their work domains and how they will be able to manifest their own basis in a proper way.

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