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in the major decisions of the company (giving employees control of their work), freedom of information to the point of company transparency (so employees know how things are performing), and the institution of profit sharing (so employees care about maximizing company profits). The management systems developed from these values resulted in a company in which the employees were treated as adults who were responsible for setting their own hours, who determined their own salaries and bonuses, and who essentially became their own managers.

Apple’s recently passed founder Steve Jobs brought his company from near extinction to cultural phenomenon by using tactics that appeared to be horribly out of date. According to a Fortune Magazine article (n. p.), Jobs went completely against the grain of the Silicon Valley employee-management norm by being the tyrannical boss often associated with industrial times.

While other companies were getting in touch with their employees through egalitarian programs and increased freedom in the workplace, Apple was constantly under the scrutiny of the notorious micromanager Jobs (his time away from the company not withstanding) who was not above tearing a strip off an employee for any reason he saw fit. Apple employees feared for their jobs, but stayed loyal to their leader as he often made them feel as though their task (no matter how menial) was as important to the company as any other. Additionally, seeking Jobs’ approval may have paralleled a paternal relationship, adding to the motivation felt by employees. Steve Jobs was also very old school in the way he kept the company’s operations secret. Some may liken Jobs’ preferred level of information opaqueness to that of a government’s military. This technique also aided in Apple’s resurgence while operating under the odd but undeniably effective management techniques of Steve Jobs.

Google is an extremely profitable business, but it has faced many challenges. A string of

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