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I will pay for the following essay Neurology Clerkship Chapter 4. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In addition, the problems and sub-problems that directed the researcher were defined in detail. This research explained the effectiveness of instructional materials used by medical lecturers when preparing medical students for future tasks. From this chapter, it will be evident that the principles of effective teaching of the past decade have come of age. Nowadays, technology has evolved, and there is a need for effective teaching techniques for doctors.

The research has demonstrated the existence of a technology-driven era of medicine. From statistics, it is clear that there have been increases in the use of modern technology in the field of medical education. The first chapter enlisted modern technology used in medical schools. This includes interactive whiteboards, and Apple’s iPad and the iBook that are used to access the eBook. More recently, as evidenced in the first chapter of this research, many medical colleges have incorporated E-learning in their educational strategies, especially the use of eBooks. Educational experts argue that eBooks are often portable and facilitate learning ‘on the go.’ Moreover, medical institutions prefer eBooks because it encourages self-directed learning, which is very essential to every doctor in the practice.

The chapter concludes by listing the main assumptions used while conducting this research. There was a total of six assumptions, and all this concentrated on the issue of familiarization with eBook applications. Furthermore, there was the definition of all necessary terms to be used in the research, and the main limitations encountered during the research process.

The second chapter examined the body of language that exist in the developing and designing of an instructional eBook for medical students within a clinical setting. There was a systematic review of the literature and the chapter started off by discussing the best practices for clinical instruction. It is important to

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