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I will pay for the following essay The Asian ‘miracle’: the rise of Japan and the ‘tigers’, presentation papers. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

What ever may be the form of governance, the role played by the State in encouraging the growth of these economies was very vital. The welfare capitalism practiced by the State helped the economic growth. The state took care of the man power requirement for these growing economies. By concentrating on higher education, the state assured qualified and expert man power for the growth of these economies. Malaysia is a typical example. The recent Malaysian development plan addresses the demand for educated and skilled workforce. The plan statement asserts that only well educated skilled workforce can help rapid .industrialization of the economy. So the State’s intervention, in making available educated and skilled workforce is a major factor in the growth of these economies. In all “Tiger Economies”, the State spends much money on improving the college and university system of education. During the early period of this economic growth, that’s during 1960’sthese countries were relatively poor. This provided cheap labor during the early years of the growth of these economies.

2. Exports and these economies: After the two world wars, the model of development advocated in and for the developing world, was abandoning of import substitution. Thus the tiger economies followed an export driven strategy of development. They concentrated on exports to highly industrialized nations. For increasing exports, they discouraged domestic consumption. This was done again by State intervention with policies of higher tariffs. The export oriented economy had its own problems too. All global economic crises will directly reflect upon these economies. The Asian financial crisis of 1997 is an example often quoted in this context.

3. Japan as a model: Yes, I think it was Japan and its successful economy, rebuilt after the world war that posed as a model for the development of the so called “Tiger

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