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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Operations Management Issues. It needs to be at least 2750 words. As a result, operations management is gaining more significance and has become a key discipline in management science. Operations management, as a whole, deals with the design of products and processes, acquisition of resources, transformation of resource inputs into outputs, and distribution of goods and services.

Logistics is the process of getting products and services where they are required and when they are desired. Transportation forms the key aspect of the logistics system. Delivery of goods and services from those who want them has been taking place since the beginning of civilization. However, since the modern day customer expects products to be available at all times and with the maximum freshness in case of perishable good, companies need to ensure that their logistics process matches the highest standards.

Global companies operate in an intensely competitive environment and hence they try to offer customers the best products and services with a competitive advantage. This situation has benefited the customers who now have access to world-class quality products and services.

Although tools for efficient supply chain were available in the seventies, firms started increasingly adopting these tools in the nineties. Supply Chain Management gained importance during the same period. Previously, firms used supply chains to cut costs rather than build them to leverage competitive advantage. However, for companies operating on a larger scale such as Dell computers, and car manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford Motor Company, supply chain management is the central point of their business processes today. Organizations need to stress on the importance of continuous improvement in the supply chain efficiency to attain success in the market. Nokia is a good example of a company which has adopted efficient supply&nbsp.chain measures like rapid response manufacturing, quick-ship logistics, and a global supply web that links its suppliers and plants.

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