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I need some assistance with these assignment. comparing the two papers Thank you in advance for the help! on of Walt Disney Park in its various dimensions, human, visitors, society, entertainment, attitudes, workers, management, and business. the latter is an account of a young ethnographer probing the delicate relationship between students and teachers and what influencing factors go on to strengthen or weaken such relationships. In both instances of qualitative research the researcher is present in the field and interacts with his/her research environment and subjects to form findings. This paper essentially discusses the merits of the methodology adopted and the validity of conclusions reached through the specific questions in respect of each paper.

Russel rests upon the man’s argument that ethnographic research is of a very personal nature. thus the personality and personal dispositions of the researcher become an important element (Stapleton, 1984). Russell found, as an ethnographer that her gender, nationality, use of language, size, and age determined the manner in which the two sets of participants on the trust divide line, i.e. the students and the teachers, related and interacted with her. Russel acknowledges due to her personal characteristics as a researcher it was apparent that she was able to establish rapport and gain trust much faster when compared to others. Russel goes on to clarify that these trust relationships altered and formed to maturity throughout her fieldwork, finally determining the type and quality of data collected. Russel says Being English, white, aged 23–24 and female influenced students’ and teachers’ behavior and affected the nature of the information gathered. I am a white, female, novice ethnographer conducting fieldwork in another country. My age (23–24 at the time of fieldwork), smallness in height, and build influenced how students and teachers interacted with me. (Russel, 2005) The ethnographer clearly reveals her research object, though veiled, at many places as gaining an insight into the deviant behavior of nonconformist students.&nbsp.

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