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Need an argumentative essay on Administration and Executive support. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

On the other hand, other than key skills administrative assistants must have certain key qualities that will make them effective and efficient. Some of the key qualities include the ability to prioritize as well remain calm within the organization. In addition, an administrative assistant must have the quality of working under pressure whilst remaining focused. The reason behind such qualities is the fact that MA (administrative assistant) role is usually directly under the manager who may transfer their stress to the assistant or even pressurize them when operations are not going on as planned (Frisch, 2002).

(b) Demonstrate with the use of a visual aid (individual Action plan), the different methods for developing your MA skills to help you to develop in your role in supporting formal meetings, projects and personal scheduling

Document production, filing, and dispatch training will provide an opportunity to the administrative assistant to learn how to produce documents, file the same, as well as dispatch the documents to various departments or individuals within the organization

Through secretariat courses, administrative individuals will be able to develop knowledge and skills that are involved in not only liaising but also performing various functions of a secretary, which directly correlates to the manager or role performed such as acting as personal assistant

In the event that accounting and finance department are unable to handle petty cash within the manager’s office, the administrative assistant should be given the mandate to handle such cash. However, handling such cash requires accounting skills obtainable through accounting and finance courses

(a) Define the term stakeholder and produce a table to identify and classify at least ten different stakeholder groups (both internal and external) for this organization. For each stakeholder identified, explain their power and influence.

A stakeholder is defined as any person, group,

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