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GoLite was founded in 1998 to design and manufacture a wide range of outdoor activity products including light and ultra-light clothing, footwear, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and accessories. Products were sold in over 20 countries throughout the world. From its inception GoLite was viewed as catalyst for the introduction of ultralight backpacking products and the overall move towards lighter gear from other outdoor manufacturers.  

GoLite always had at its core a philosophy of environmental and social responsibility and humanitarian outreach. In 2008, GoLite became one of the first businesses in the world – and the first outdoor brand – to be certified as a B Corporation by B-Lab1. In 2010, GoLite became one of a handful of global brands to release a sustainability report rated at the A+ verification level by the Global Reporting Initiative. 

However during its second decade in business GoLite ran into financial difficulties and in October 2014 the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and was fully liquidated.  

In May 2018, GoLite relaunched under new ownership that has promised to honour and extend the original brand’s social responsibility legacy in far-reaching ways. The new GoLite mission is to pair powerful humanitarian and environmental initiatives with an earth-friendly clothing collection that links outdoor performance and athletic functionality.  

GoLite aims to produce sustainable performance products that enable active explorers to do more in the outdoors with less. However this is not the only focus of the new GoLite. While not forgetting that it is a for-profit organisation, GoLite’s new business model2 focuses on two additional key outcomes 1) manufacture products that have minimal impact on the planet is and 2) pursue a mission to leverage product sales – along with new company resources, materials, processes and partnerships – to power charitable and environmental impact. 

GoLite has developed a comprehensive website which outlines its new mission and business model. The website can be found at https://golite.com/.

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