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Compose a 2000 words essay on Events Marketing: Marketing Plan for NEC GOLF SHOW 2009. Needs to be plagiarism free!

ar, therefore from a marketing analysis perspective, the NEC Golf Show 2009 represents a lucrative opportunity to increase sales and also promote a better international image for golf as a conglomerate whole due to rising consumer patronage levels. This provides more opportunities for targeting and to give the NEC Golf Show 2009 more brand exposure to varying demographics.

Golf, as a leisure sport, experienced a 4.1 percent growth rate between 2000 and 2005, while other sports, such as tennis, “went off the cliff in the 1980s” in terms of consumer interest and profitability (Newport, 2008, p.W3). This represents an industry which is in a state of growth, fuelled by higher volumes of demographics becoming interested in the game. It does not make good business sense to devote a high volume of financial resources to promotion of golfing events if ticket sales are expected to decline and the industry is in a state of maturity or decline. The NEC Golf Show is a stable marketing opportunity from the economic and marketing budget perspectives.

In terms of competitor analysis, there is not a great deal of competition in this events-focused environment, giving even more opportunities to promote the event without concern of competitive actions which could erode promotional effectiveness. The NEC Golf Show 2009 is an annual event and is not expected to be impacted by any other golf-related events of this calibre in the region. From a competitive standpoint, the concern is more about building interest in existing consumer demographics and drawing new ticket sales as there is little worry of golf-minded consumers seeking a different venue on the day of the NEC Golf Show. Having little to no competition is a significant strength and does not complicate the promotional budget by forcing differentiation strategies. In essence, the NEC Golf Show can remain focused on internalising most of its promotional efforts without competitive realities associated with events

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