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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on ELP. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

y helps the students to improve their skills, but also provides them with lot of informations about themselves so that in such a way they can identify, rectify and enrich their qualities and overall increase their personality. In this way, ELP becomes a PDP (Personal Development Planning) tool. Once a student is out of the academic field, he becomes a total stranger in the competitive world, and by all means he has to improve every inch of his talents in order to be successful in his life. This is where ELP comes to them as an aid that would help and support them in all their progressions.

Many students out there are not at all bothered about their lack of skills. They think that is something which they need not worry about, but the truth is that once they come to realize the need, it would be too late. Such students are left aside from excellent opportunities. It is the sole duty of the students to be careful about their steps, they should use the opportunity properly only then they will have a good future. Employability learning programme educates the students about their role in the future, teaches and trains them about the employability skills they need to have, makes them understand their own talents and last but not the least it gives them strength to face the world skillfully. In all ways, we should understand and use the opportunity of this programme to improve and shine in the society.

This programme acts like an identifier bringing out the language, communication problems in the individuals and then creates a good impact on it through motivation and encouragement finally resulting in excellent performance. Through this innovative approach students will be able to master their talents and use them in a fruitful way making them stand out from the crowd. This is how the programme works on every individual considering lot of things from the learner side.

As it focuses on what mainly the employers look at, the programme is of great use for the students.

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