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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Humour and Personality Differences.

It can also be seen as an ingredient in the Interest Indicator Model as an indicator of genetic quality as it either enhances or diminishes the attractiveness of a mate as per the Mating Mind theory (Miller, 2000). (Li, 2009) posit that individuals only make an effort of producing humor after being attracted to a potential mate while (Dion, 1972) suggests that being physically attracted to an individual increase their perceived funniness.

Studies have shown that the producers of humor are associated with intelligence as it requires abstract thinking, the theory of mind and highly advanced language skills (Polemini, 2006). Further studies have shown that men prefer women to be recipients of humor as opposed to producers (Bressler, 2006) evidenced by lonely hearts advertisements where men are seen to offer a good sense of humor while women appear to be seeking it (De Backer, 2008). However, (Li, 2009) challenges the notion of women as receivers of humor by claiming that women tend to be the producers of humor when they intend to display interest in potential mates.

&nbsp.They videotaped individuals acting naturally and had them rated for attractiveness in long-term and short-term relationships and hypothesized that humor would be of value in short-term relationships as opposed to long-term relationships. In relation to the Interest Indicator model, they posited that funniness would be equally related to attractiveness in both males and females while in the Mind Mating theory. It was posited that humor production would be more attractive in men as opposed to women.

The study was conducted without the participants knowing that humor was the key factor that was being analyzed.&nbsp. During the analysis of the results, it was found that physical attractiveness increased ratings of funniness in the video clips as opposed to the audio-only clips. On analysis of the photographs found that the more attractive the photograph, the funnier the person was thought to be.

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