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Population and Consumption, n.d.).

Fundamentally, fertile land and water are the basic essential resources required to produce food. evidently, both these resources are limited on the planet. Growing population bring along growing demands and requirements of people, thereby these resources are under constant pressure. Growing population is not only responsible for putting up a challenge to fulfil the requirements of people but is also challenging to the economic development and environment of the planet. As a result, farmers are expected to produce more food in their limited land and water resources. Thus, population growth as well as pattern of utilization of resources directly influences the environmental changes resulting in loss of biodiversity, pollution, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, deforestation and a serious impact on numerous forest, aquatic and land ecosystems. Thus, growth of human population is modifying nature which in turn brings catastrophic consequences (Web. Population Growth and Consumption, n.d.).

Further than meeting the challenging market demands, global food production is associated with numerous fundamental objectives encompassing societies together with reducing poverty and malnutrition, enhanced accessibility to a healthy diet as well as better allocation and management of fresh water resources, amplification in the use of renewable energy resources, climate protection along with biological diversity and protection of ecosystems. Evidently, an insight into the future perspectives of food and agriculture sector is a major concern of the society as well as the policy makers. To all intents and purposes, capturing the intricate connections between food production and cognitive development adequately, integrated scientific representation based appraisals and evaluations are needed.

With the escalating growth of human population it is evident that over the next decade the food demand

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