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Hi, need to submit a 3500 words essay on the topic Quality Centered Health care Management/Clinical Governance.

It is therefore essential for health workers and employers alike to be fully aware of the potential and actual risks of having an employee affected with such disease. Irritant or allergic occupational dermatitis can be caused by chemicals used at work that constantly in contact with our skin. Many substances can penetrate the skin and are capable of causing diseases elsewhere in the body. While harmful substances and wet work are a major cause of skin disease, constantly working in uncomfortably hot or cold surroundings or excessively dry or wet conditions can also cause serious skin disorders. The stipulation of protective gear like gloves and its proper usage and safe working distance are essential to reduce, if not eliminate dermatitis in the workplace.

Implementation of principles of Total Quality Management in addressing the problem can help health managers and employers cope with this disease and minimize the risk of such occurring in the work place. Total Quality Management has become the way of managing and its implementation reaches beyond the assurance of a product or service quality. It is the way to manage people and business to make certain that customer satisfaction is achieved at every level both internally and externally and combined with an efficient management will result in an organisation that do their jobs right at the first try (DTI, 2008a p.1).

A good understanding of the process involved in improvement of services requires a systematic approach that maybe processed by knowledge of simple tools and techniques to use in order to follow a specific goal although the effectiveness of these tools will depend upon the application of the process by the people who actually work on them and gaining the commitment of workers who will work on it will only be possible if they are assured of the positive end result (DTI, 2008b p.1). It is important to note that key personnel can also show their commitment by providing

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