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Write a 6 page essay on Introduction to Child Development.

This case study will focus on analysing the growth in different areas as exhibited by the child, and relating to the existing theory on child development (Beaver 2001, p.54).

One of the aspects that make it evident that Child A has registered positive growth in both personal and social development is her development of self-control (Broadhead 2010, p. 56). From the observations, it emerges that child A has a level of self-control because she is able to express her feelings, opinions, and needs even when situations prove difficult while avoiding causing any harm to others (Brooks-Gunn, Fuligni, & Berlin 2003, p. 34). For example, on day one of the observation, child A was able to express her concerns because child B had taken her kitty (Bukatko & Daehler 2012, p. 123). Instead of grabbing it from child B, she opted to see the help from an adult so that she could get her kitty back (‘Child development’ 2007, p.23).

However, despite the positive process exhibited by the child A in gaining self-control, there is evidence that she still needs to develop in other areas concerning self-control (Hoff & Shatz 2009, p. 88). For example, she needs to become more self-aware of her emotions and be able to control them effectively (Hyson 2003, p. 65). Instances when she demonstrates a need for further growth in this sector are several as indicated in the observations (Davies 2010, p. 54). A clear illustration is the fact that she was reluctant to eat after her teacher denied her the permission of having me seat close to her table (Mary & Armstrong 2003, p. 165). This shows that she is unable to handle disappointments effectively. However, her use of play materials purposely also exhibits a measure of self-control (Guhn & Goelman 2011, p. 195).

In addition, on the fifth day of observation, the child exhibited self-control after intervention when she was arguing with child X. She was able to accept the proposition of sharing the doll with child X. This indicated that

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