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Lesson 7 Lab: Synthesis of Nylon and RecrystallizationPART 1Begin by viewing the following Thinkwell videoCIA Demonstration: The Synthesis of NylonAfter you watch the above video, answer the questions below in sufficient detail:(a) (2 pts.) What is the name of the type of reaction that you see in this demonstration? Describe IN YOUR OWN WORDS what happens, generally speaking, in this type of reaction.Answer:(b) (2 pts.) There are two chemicals used in this reaction, 1,6-hexadiamine (which is in a water solution) and adipoyl chloride (which is in a hexane solution). Think back to what you learned in this course about solutions and intermolecular forces. Why don’t these to “mix” together (in other words, make a homogenous solution) when combined? Why do they separate into layers?Answer:(c) (2 pts.) What functional groups are the key players in this reaction? How so?Answer:(d) (2 pts.) Explain, in as much detail as possible, why the nylon is only created at the INTERFACE between these two solutions.Answer:PART 2Please watch the following Thinkwell video:27.1.10 CIA Demonstration: RecrystallizationAfter you watch the above video, answer the questions below in sufficient detail:(a) (3 pts.) Describe, in as much detail as possible, the process of recrystallization as a method for purification of a solid. How does it work? What do you do?Answer:(b) (2 pts.) How do you make a “supersaturated” solution? How is this different than a “saturated” solution?Answer:(c) Describe what happens when solute is added to:[i] (1 pts.) a saturated solutionAnswer:[ii] (1 pts.) an unsaturated solutionAnswer:[iii] (1 pts.) a supersaturated solutionAnswer:(d) (2 pts.) What is the role of vacuum filtration in this process of Recrystallization? How do you do it?Answer:(e) (2 pts.) Suppose we are dealing with potassium nitrate as opposed to the chemical in the video. If a solution contains 28 g of potassium nitrate per 100 g of water at 25 degrees Celsius, is the solution unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated? You may want to refer to Figure 13.4 in your text for help.Answer:

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