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study aimed at answering what are the contributions that leaders need to make in public organizations to motivate their workforce (Wright et al., 2012). The specific purpose of the study was to identify the methods through which leaders following transformational leadership style can use internal and external motivational factors to increase their employee’s focus and attention towards the mission of the organization.

In order to conduct this study data was collected through a survey in which the respondents included different senior level managers in the public organization and the total size of those who were surveyed was more than 50,000 senior level managers (Wright et al., 2012). The survey was supplied with the help of the internet and the survey was posted on the website of the study. Out of those individuals who responded to the survey a total of 1,538 were considered as valid for the study (Wright et al., 2012). The majority of the respondents were male and they belonged to the White race and they had attained higher level education. The study was conducted with the help of a statistical tool called correlation and regression and the validity of the responses was analyzed through the statistical tool of Cronbach Alpha (Wright et al., 2012).

With the help of the study the researchers identified that leaders who practice transformational leadership style can help in elevating worker’s motivation towards providing public services (Wright et al., 2012). The researchers even identified that this form of leadership provided employees with clearly and well defined goals. The third main finding of the study was that worker’s motivation towards providing public services and clearly defined roles are two important factors that attract employees towards the mission of the organization (Wright et al., 2012). Furthermore the researchers identified that leaders in public organizations that provide their followers with a vision, led by setting an example,

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