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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses The impact of violent video games.

Players compete on a higher level and physically and emotionally than people do when reading literature.

I think that video games and literature differ a lot. The difference arises once a consideration that encompasses all the attributes of the video games against those of the contents in literature. There is valid evidence that supports the logic that participating in film sports differs from the experience of reading a book, listening to radio broadcast or viewing a typical movie (Atwaan). The statements imply that there may be differences between players who play the same game.

Just as literature, the more active acknowledged positive impact of video games is that they help children to improve their manual diversity and computer literacy. Violent acts include unclear but commonly examples of murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Besides, accidents that might result to death of a person and torture are part of the violence. Literature has different impacts to a person. The influence is mostly influential to individuals below the age of eighteen whereby video or graphic violence.

They arouse strong emotions that range from excitement and titillation to even terror. The fact also depends on the mindset of the viewer and the method that contains its presentation. Unlike literature, video games are presented in adult action genre and is expected to evoke excite feelings of the targeted demographic without inducing disgust or revulsion. I think the comparison between literature and video games differ and do not have the same impacts on an individual who uses them. In addition, video games that have been a source of controversy of violence tend to be interactive and not passive when compared to research.

This clearly indicates how video games and literature differ Video games violence differ in many ways , it has impacted different emotions on children and the viewer of the same they can lead to alienation , psychiatric diodes ,suicide risk,

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