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Write 9 page essay on the topic Managing Intelligence.

United State have put in place a new intelligence cooperation structure for safeguarding the security of the American homeland, creating the limits on the intelligence to be shared.

This issue paper discusses the advantages, disadvantages as well as the recommendations involved in sharing intelligence information with the Somali anti-piracy and anti-terrorism coalition. The paper compares the current coordinating establishments accountable for national security, economics, intelligence, and drug control. It then grants the streamlining recommendations for the Secretaries of State and Defense, which recognizes the necessity to assimilate foreign and domestic counterterrorism activities, although there is disagreement whether to depend on the existing National Security Council organization or construct a new organizing process, and on the need for uniting some of the effective homeland security interventions and offices.

The Secretaries of State and Defence Department facilitates the sharing of an extensive range of piracy and terrorism intelligence. Moreover, there is sharing of related intelligence among several users in the National counterterrorism public via its production of inclusive, nationally coordinated, investigative products and the safe website. These provide the coalition against piracy and terrorism with relevant information to capture the criminals (Tuzuner, 2010).

Global authorized agencies like the coalition against piracy and terrorism that comprises Kenya, and other nations can request the intelligence information from the Secretaries of State and Defence Department to assist in the coalition’s undertakings. This should be consistent with applicable rules and guidelines controlling access to intelligent information as stipulated in the Department for State and Defence requirements.

The counter-piracy mission necessitates sharing several types of piracy-related information with the Secretaries of State and Defence Department, for example,

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