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Write 3 page essay on the topic Case Study analysis for Marketing Communications.

Companies in business areas such as beer and cider as well as other beverages benefit from sponsorship of sports personalities, clubs and events as these are opportunities for highlighting the spirit of entertainment and social celebrations, which is one of the intrinsic values of the product.

The company is launching its advertising campaign on a rolling regional basis, starting from Southern London England followed by Scotland. However, when entering a market as UK, which is not very large in its size, it may be more effective to plan a national campaign, which will utilize national TV, and Press backed by outdoor advertising.

The largest poster may be an effective means of attracting attention but the exposure level of the location is limited to those who are traveling via Heathrow airport to Ireland. The cost effectiveness per exposure may question the effectiveness of this advertising tool.

The product positioning currently being conveyed by the campaign focuses on the product’s naturalness, tradition and heritage. Although these aspects appealed to the nationalistic Irish public, it may not be an effective positioning to the British.

The company to adopt the “Pint Over Ice” concept combined with the naturalness aspect of the C&C’s product. The key message should be “Pint Over Ice” which targets the popularity of serving beverages in draught form in UK.

The concept of “Pint On Ice” should be promoted as an integrated message through TV Ads, Press, Bill Boards as well as on location promotions with serving demonstrations. As the key challenge is to change the image of the cider product in UK public’s mind, the marketing communications focus has to be on above the line TV and press advertising conveying the premium image.

The company should extend its advertising activities to pub level with Point of Sales material and promotions to add excitement. By providing branded product premiums such as caps, key tags

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