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I will pay for the following essay PERSON CENTER COUNSELING. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The counselor should not be judgmental, but accept the client the way she is and work with her in identifying solution to her problem. However, during the therapeutic process, the counselor should take a non-directive role. In addition, empathizing with the client would help her to reflecting feelings and meanings of her world view. On the other hand, congruence on part of the counselor acts as an encouragement to the client to open up more to her problem and brainstorm on how to solve the prevail situation (Cooper & McLeod, 2011).

This theory is intended for quick-fix psychotherapy because the counselor does not take a direct role in the process and it is upon the client to come up with the best alternative intervention for the problem situation (Cooper & McLeod, 2011).

The counselor’s task is to be an active listener and help the client through the process of reflecting feeling and meanings of the problems she is undergoing. This helps the client to identify incongruence in her statements and probably explore ways of dealing with such conflicting statements. Further, the counselor can also encourage the client to open more as a way of exploring the problem situation and ensuring the client move in the right direction in terms of identifying where the problem situation is emanating (Joseph & Murphy, 2013).

The client’s task or responsibility is to search for inner resources that can help her move from the current state to a state of personal growth and development. This involves brainstorming on how to deal with the identifying stressors that can be solved through behavior modification, for instance (Joseph & Murphy, 2013).

The client is also preoccupied with self-defeating thoughts thus unable to deal with the prevailing situation. For instance, she feels hopeless because of losing her job and this leads to other

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