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According to Helen Gardner an art historian, the depth and scope of his likings were without practice and “his personality and mind seemed superhuman, the man himself remote and mysterious.” In addition, it is claimed that, despite the various assumptions about Da Vinci, his world vision was logical rather than enigmatic and that the experiential methods he engaged in were rare during his time.

Da Vinci was born out of marriage to a lawyer, and a laborer woman, Caterina, in Vinci within the Florence region, Leonardo da Vinci got his education in a studio of the well-known Florentine painter Verrocchio. Most of his early working life was done in Milan with the guidance of Ludovico IL Moro (Leonardoda-Vinci 4). He later on went to work in Bologna, Venice and Rome, and spent his remaining years in France.

Da Vinci was well-known mainly as a painter. Amongst his works, included the Mona Lisa painting of which is the most well-known and most imitated painting, as well as The Last Supper of which is the most religiously reproduced painting ever, with their prominence coming close to only Michelangelos Adam Creation. Da Vinci’s painting of the Man of Vitruvian is also considered as a cultural icon that has been reproduced on several items such as textbooks, the euro coin, and T-shirts. There are about fifteen of Da Vinci’s paintings that have survived because of his continuous, and regularly catastrophic, experimentations with new methods, and his prolonged postponement. However, several of these works as well as his notebooks, which contained scientific diagrams, drawings, and his views on the method of painting, influenced artists of later generations matched by only that of his existing, Michelangelo (Leonardoda-Vinci 4).

Da Vinci is admired for his technological inventiveness. He conceptualized a tank, flying machines, concentrated solar power, the double hull, and the calculator. he also outlined the theory of rudimentary plate

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