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In certain cases, the signs and symptoms typically occur in 6-8 weeks after the normal menstrual period, but ectopic pregnancy may occur later. In some of the cases, nausea along with breast discomfort, low blood pressure, weakness, dizziness and pale skin can be noticed amid the patient (Stöppler, 2013).

Considering the fact that different sites of possible ectopic pregnancy implantation will influence patients’ presentation, it can be ascertained that the treatment of ectopic pregnancy requires implantation and actual removal of the affected parts of a body. In some of these cases, Fallopian tube requires either pharmacologic or surgical management. Pharmacologic management with the doses of methotrexate is necessary for effective treatment. Sometimes, the linear salpingostomy surgery is performed, if a patient desires to become pregnant in future. It is thus anticipated that proper treatment and effective nursing care will certainly help in providing effective and proper treatment to the patients under the circumstance of ectopic pregnancy (American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 2014).

It is worth mentioning that the notion of Perinatal morbidity and mortality includes stillbirth and the death of newborn babies within the first 28 days of the birth. According to the latest report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics published in the year 2012, 2,558 perinatal deaths were reported due to Perinatal morbidity and mortality (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014). Again, these 2,558 deaths constituted around 1,355 males and 1,203 females. It will be vital to mention in this similar concern that one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in varied regions of Australia is the haemorrhage from placenta percreta, which results in causing haemoperitoneum, a sign of perinatal morbidity and mortality (Government of South Australia, 2013).

Thromboembolic is a disease, which occurs during

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