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This impression of mine nearly got me in trouble when I hanged out with gang members back in junior high. I can recall that I find them so “cool” and so sure about themselves that I wanted to belong. They seem to know about the world also and would like to know more about things that my parents prohibit me to. To cut the story short, I begun hanging with them. At first, it was really fun and I truly liked the group because I felt I belonged. I also experienced things which I would never experience at home. I got to taste my first beer with them and my first puff of smoke. At first, it was a wonderful experiment to feel how it is like to be an adult. The first taste of beer escalated to something as our drinking sessions are becoming more frequent. At some point, I got so drunk, in fact all of us got drunk in a place that only God knows where that I passed out.

When I woke up, I was surprised because I was in someone else’s home. A lady apparently took me home because she was worried what might happen to me lying around dead drunk. My friends left me. When I woke up, the lady gave me an advice that could have saved my life. I was addressed as a kid because I was still a kid, that it was not yet time for me to experiment things like that and that I should not hurry adulthood. That I should be wary of my companions. This made me really think because my supposed friends left me in that condition.

The lady drove me to our home and was gracious enough not to tell my parents what happened but instead excused me for a possible rebuke from my parents that she begged me to sleep over instead of going home late for my safety.

I need to mention that the help I got was given to me that I did not have to ask for it. Her kindness really touched me that I really did thought about her advises. I normally do not take advises well because I usually think of them as outdated and not grounded on present reality. But

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