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Write a 3 page essay on Key Performance Indicators for Health Information Management department / Dashboard/ Storyboard also.

Healthcare institutions and insurance agencies will also be saved costs arising from fraudulent billing.

Authorization for the project will be sought from various stakeholders who will then be relied upon to provide funding. These include the government and states, healthcare insurance service providers and donor agencies. The impact of such a project on the various stakeholders has to be evaluated to be sure that it provides value for the money put in.

The attitude and perception of patients, staff and insurance service providers. physicians and surgeons, on whom the implementation of the digitization project would greatly impact, will be surveyed. The patients will state whether they feel the new program has helped them to be served better on the basis of quick access to services, personalized service and access to services while in different locations. The hospital staff will state if they feel the new system has been able to help stem lose of patient documents, promoted confidentiality and provided easy access and retrieval of patient data. Insurance service providers will say whether they feel the system has helped save on treatment costs by deterring fraudulent billing. Physicians and surgeons will say if the system has helped them serve the patients better in terms of remote patient access simultaneously attend to a patient irrespective of physical constraints.

Data on lost or dismembered documents before and after digitization will have to be compared. The electronic data storage system is meant to replace the previous manual data storage system. It is possible that a number of complaints concerning the handling of documents before and after installation have been recorded. There will be need to compare the kind of feedback received before and after installation of the electronic data storage system to see which one has recorded more positive than

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