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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Desire satisfaction theory.

It gives weight on the present action time and can cause tension with previous desires and cause regrets in the long run (Shafer-Landau, The ethical life, 2014).

It is important to note that pleasure and pain are often inside people’s heads. Thus, the well being of individuals consists in the satisfaction of the people’s preferences and desires. The most important part of desire satisfaction is the overall level of desire achieved in the entire life of an individual. The more desire satisfaction an individual has in his life, the better for them. It is important to note, however, that we desire things because they have independent good on us and not that they are good because they will ultimately satisfy our desire for them.

Objective theory of human life suggests things that has items that are neither useful in pleasurable experience or in satisfaction of our desires. For instance, we can consider either knowledge or even friendship. This theory suggests that we take what is self sufficient according to us, as what makes life worthy of any choice and lacking nothing. If, for instance, an individual views that well-being is only existent in friendship and pleasure, another individual can dispute this by showing that knowledge is also something that enables the well-being of individuals. To determine what goes into this list, it is important to rely on reflective judgment or intuition. This makes the theory less satisfactory compared to the other two theories. It is clear from this theory that intuition does not rule out argument. Argument brings individuals to see the truth. Intuitions can also be mistaken thus proving to be a strong defense line for hedonists.

The most convincing theories of the three is the hedonism theory. It state that individuals always acts in pursuit of what their minds think will give them the greatest pleasure over pain. Human beings, in this theory, have been given two choices

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