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Write a 2 page essay on Mars Global Explorer.

This research paper attempts to find out valid reasons and facts supporting the existing of life on Mars.

There have been a host of significant discoveries in the past that have reflected on the idea of existence of life on Mars. Mariner IX (1971) orbited Mars and pointed out at the planet having an active weather system. He observed clouds, odd swirls of cloud that make a cyclone, and even frontal systems. It was assumed that the clouds were thin. But in 2004, Mars Global Surveyor took some high resolution images of the clouds thus enabling it to measure their thickness. To much surprise of the scientists, the thickness revealed that cloud’s inside some of the deep canyons was far more opaque and dense than could be imagined. They also contained triple the amount of water than was initially expected.

There also exist evidences about the existence of a vast ocean surrounding the Northern Hemisphere of Mars. In 1999, Mars Global Explorer showed positive evidences of palcomagnetic Islands on Mars, with the bands being about 10 times wider than those found on earth (Garrison 94). A recent surprising announcement is made by Mars Global Explorer that there are chances that water still flows on this planet. Images of Martian cliff were sent back by it that showed streaks similar to the ones found on mountains on earth. It is expected that these rocks have melted ice under the surface that bursts out time and then (Kidger 124).

This topic is of interest as one of the major missions of European Mars Express is to use specialized decameter radar – MARSIS – for searching for such underground water bodies. Hydrated minerals have already been discovered on the surface of Mars.

The above facts clearly throw light on the better possibilities of existence of life on Mars in the nearby past. There are strong evidences supporting the fact that life still exists on Mars owing to its mild climatic conditions and presence of water on its

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