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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Research design / Hypothesis Testing.

This research method is appropriate in proving and rejecting hypothesis formulated by the researcher. Since this study uses statistics in determining the efficacy of the drugs, quantitative research is applicable through experiment. The researcher will select randomized group or patients that are diagnosed with schizophrenia. It also involves two groups: controlled and experimental so that the analysis will lead to the main objective of this study. Furthermore, quantitative research prevents biased result when properly used. It also allows for the repetition of experiment to reprove the result of the experiment.

To determine the effectiveness of drugs, the research utilizes the Clinical Global Impression (CGI) Scale that examines the patients’ status in terms of its behaviour, symptoms, and response to treatment. It documents the history of patients with mental disorders (Busner, 2007). According to Kadouri, Corruble, and Falissard (2007), the CGI scale is widely used in clinical research due to its “face validity and practicability.” Moreover, another metrics developed by Logothetis will be utilized because it involves “two receptors” that determine the function of drugs to the patient’s brain (Wood, 2011).

This study hypothesized that the new developed drugs is more effective than the previous drugs formulated by the pharmaceutical company on the schizophrenic patients. To collect the data, the researcher will select schizophrenic patients randomly. The controlled group will be given the previous anti-psychosis drug while the experimental group will be rendered the new drug produced. Each patient will take 7.5/30 mg of drug. Using the CGI Scale, the researcher will assess the effect of drugs on the patients. The CGI Scale consists of interviewing patients and recording their behavior or response to the drug used. Furthermore, the metrics is utilized to determine the effect of drugs on

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