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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Oops is not an option.

Anyone who goes against these rules risk imprisonment and expulsion of their license.

Bill Salamander being one of the consultants working in the medical records department is expected to have signed and agreed to abide by the policies of (HIPPA). In addition his hospital has also signed the business associate agreement that highly protects the patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. It is therefore very inappropriate for Bill to be passing patients confidential files and medical records to an attorney. If caught, bill could not only cause problems to himself rather he would also spoil the good reputation that the hospital has. My obvious answer to this request will automatically be a straight no. having read the policies, I would not only be jeopardizing my career rather I would also be spoiling the good reputation that my hospital has.

It is for this reason that I will not accept to do what bill wants me to do. Even though this would benefit me financially, the money would not compensate the guilt that I will have for going against my principles of natural law and principles of good conduct that is expected from me. I will not only stop at this but I will go an extra mile to ensure that Bill does not continue with this behavior. The reason for doing this is because one I am trying to abide by the rules of the policies that guard my profession. Second I would not like to do what I expect some not to do to me. And lastly I would do this protect the institution that I am working for from such fraudsters.

Before doing anything I would talk to Bill against his actions. I would encourage him to go and apologize about his behavior to those in authority since his crimes are very bad. I would tell him the reason why it is wrong to give personal medical records to an attorney. The fact that he is giving the records to an attorney is even worse since it can be used against the patient in a court

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