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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Impact of Culture on the International Marketing. The issue is examined primarily under the views stated in the theory and the tests that have been made by researchers in this area. Furthermore, a method of primary research is proposed in order to formulate a more complete view of the problem. The structure, the conduction and the data evaluation regarding the specific research are analyzed in accordance with the current conditions and demands of the commercial market. Some temporary assumptions regarding the particular issue are also been expressed as a supplementary tool to the completion of the task.

The definition of culture as an element of international marketing is not much differentiated from its original form. In this context, it has been stated that culture can be defined as “the interactive aggregate of common characteristics that influences a groups response to its environment,” and furthermore as a “collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from those of another” (Zhang et al., 1996, 30).

The importance of international marketing strategies for the successful performance of a multinational corporation has been recognized by all the researchers (in its natural form or through the public relations format). Moreover, it has been stated (Ihator, 2000, 38) that ‘globalization of business has created the need for international public relations practitioners to identify, study and understand the world views, mindsets, and habits of their global publics in order to effectively communicate. communication styles and meaning, as well as realities, as perceived by individuals are culturally induced’. The above assumptions are in accordance with those of Tan (2002) and Taylor (2002) who supported the importance of culture to the success of an international business strategy (and analogically to a firm’s international marketing strategy).&nbsp.


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