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Write 5 page essay on the topic Youth and conflict media.

Moore (2003) defines juvenile delinquency as an antisocial behavior of the children under the age of 18, which cannot be controlled by their parents. As a result, it is subjected to punitive and legal action. Thus, the essay analyzes the articles “NY must raise age of criminal responsibility” and “Juvenile justice changes proposed” in relation to Juvenile delinquency.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is evident that the arrest rates for the juveniles have risen over the years. Youths’ crimes have also increased at the same rate at which adult crimes are increasing. The report recorded that most of the crimes are committed by male youth. They are also attributed to both nonwhites and whites. The report shows that the crimes rose from 137 percent in 1990s to 430 percent in within a decade (Hartjen & Priyadarsini, 2004). They gave the reasons that expose children to crime such as peer pressure, family violence, and poverty.

In my analysis of this article, the statistics given by FBI and CDC are exaggerated only to grab the attention of the readers. The percentage increase is high with a difference of over 200 per cent. Although juveniles might be committing some of the crimes, the increase should not be that high. The report also shows that 80 out of 95 percent of the juvenile crimes are as a result of family violence. They obtain what they see from the parents and practice it among their peers. In this case, I concluded that data may be correct because as children develop, most of the decisions they make are as a result of influence from the external environment (Burfeind & Bartusch, 2011).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Centers for Disease Control might be accurate in their statistics. However, the media might have altered the results to grab the attention of the readers. FBI and CDC

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