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This week’s assignment is to write a paper that explains what kind of curriculum framework your state currently uses for K-12 education.  If your state did not adopt Common Core Standards (CCSS), explain why. If your state is currently deciding to change their standards, explain why? To find your state’s education website and the location of CCSS documents and discussion, see Start Here/Course Resources/Week 2/Week 2 Written Assignment, or do a web search for the state education department of your choice.

Your paper should address the following topics:

1.  Whether the state’s curriculum framework currently uses standards, benchmarks, grade-level expectations, objectives, or a combination of these. 

2.  The teacher’s role in delivering lessons based on the curriculum. Think about the following…teacher-based, student-based, inquiry approach, scaffolding, and so on. 

3.  Whether the current curriculum framework includes any guidelines for classroom assessment. 

4.  How progress toward the standards, benchmarks, expectations, or objectives is measured and reported. 

5.  What a K-12 teacher should do to use assessments strategically to prepare students to develop through the curriculum outlined by the state’s framework. 

This 3-5 page paper also has an APA formatted title page with both running heads (see Start Here/Course Resources for the start of your paper, the title page example), introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.  The title page and reference page is not part of the 3-5 page count.  Please use level-1 content headings above each section.  See page 62 of the APA manual to show how to format level-1 (and other) headings.  If other sub-levels are needed, follow the same page 62 of the APA manual for their proper formatting and placement.  You need a minimum of 2 sources: your state’s education website, KU online library, and/or the textbook.

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