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His results showed that 91% of the men sampled and 84% of the women sampled contemplated murdering someone. Furthermore, they gave vivid descriptions of their alleged victims, the means to be employed and the precise moments they would execute their plans. For example, a female (aged 20 years) respondent wanted to kill an ex-boyfriend who was apparently blackmailing her with the threat of circulating some intimate footage to people at her university.

One can conclude that the respondents of these studies lack emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to an individual’s ability to understand and control their emotions. It encompasses four components, which include perceiving emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions. An individual must first decipher his emotions in order to understand their source of origin. Secondly, one should use their emotions in the appraisal of cognitive functions such as thinking and problem solving. Lastly, one should manage their emotions in order to influence those of others (Zimbardo et al 400).The respondents’ inability to control their emotions results in the development of irrational murderous thoughts, which impedes their ability to explore other alternative solutions of mitigating the problem. Dr. Bauss friend’s inability to control his anger due to public ridicule by his wife is an indicator that he is incapable of accepting negative criticism, which functions to cloud his better judgment.

Stanley Milgram renowned experiment focused on individuals asked to electrocute ‘learners’ who failed to get correct answers after studying paired words displayed on a sheet of paper. The male subjects aged between 20 and 50 years, were required to electrocute the ‘learners’ each time the latter wrongfully answered a question. The main aim of the

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