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Finish filling in the Cash Budget Worksheet for Spring Valley.

You’ll need this following information to complete:

On the horizon, however, was a special outlay for pollution control equipment that would be necessitated by new regulations soon to be imposed by the Wabash Valley Watershed Authority on emissions from sawmill operations. These would call for the installation of a woodchip recycling facility costing Terms from the supplier were net, 30 days. Depreciation on the equipment would come to approximately . In December, the company planned to retire from its As matter of policy, Mr. Firr felt that SPRIVORPCO should maintain in its account for normal transactions needs. His brother, Douglas, who was the loan officer at Tippecanoe Trust Company (TIPTCO), indicated that this sum would satisfy the bank’s desires for compensating balances. A cash dividend . Mr. Firr hoped to be able to make the payment, since he regarded it as valuable “seed money” for attracting possible new equity capital to the business in the future. On the basis of operating results for the first six months of 2002, a  Traditionally, cost of goods sold for SPRIVORPCO encompassed costs. Other expenses, like those for sales and administration, were separated out in the financial statements.

Attached is a partly completed excel document. I”ll also provide the word document with more details that includes the above information.

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ProForma WorksheetSpring Valley Forest Products DO NOT CHANGE THIS DATA: MAKE YOUR CHANGESIN THE DATA SECTION OF THE CASH BUDGET WORKSHEETDATA [email protected] t=0 Cash10.00%@ t=1 % of…

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