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Scenario SummaryYou are the Manager of Information Security Operations for a medium-sized organization and report directly to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the Information Security department. The organization consists of a headquarters and six other geographically dispersed offices. You work at the headquarters location and manage a team of five security engineers. The role of the Information Security department is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s data and systems. One of your key responsibilities is to understand, analyze, and design the security architecture for the enterprise network. This network not only supports the internal employees of the organization, but also leverages the Internet for communication with vendors, customers, and remote employees. Your team of five security engineers is responsible for the following areas of network security:• Network Security Policy Planning and Implementation• Attack Prevention and Mitigation• Secure Authentication Techniques• Wireless LAN (WLAN) Security and Authentication• Hardware Firewalls and DMZs• WAN Security• Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)• Remote User Security and AuthenticationYour Role/AssignmentFollowing a recent increase in cyber attacks in the industry, the CISO has directed you to develop network security strategies that will ensure that the organization’s network is protected from both internal and external security risks. He will be providing three briefings to the CIO on specific topics (to be determined) regarding the overall security posture of the organization. Prior to each meeting, the CISO will request you provide him with a one-page summary on a specific network security-related topic.

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