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Employees at Google work in teams, and are rarely assigned to an independent office.&nbsp. In fact, even cubicles are frowned upon.&nbsp. Teams are encourage to work together in what is dubbed ‘cubes, yurts, and huddle rooms’ where each person can share ideas with one another.&nbsp. There is no competition to do better than the next person, as the teams success is what really matters.&nbsp. To engage employees, the atmosphere is pleasant and conducive to discussions and conversations taking place everywhere.&nbsp. Even going from one place to another within the same facility is made a bit entertaining, and time efficient, as bicycles or scooters are provided throughout.&nbsp. In addi-tion, there are items such as lava lamps, massage chairs, and large inflatable balls to help em-ployees feel comfortable in whatever work environment they may find themselves in.&nbsp. Google is also different from many large companies in that all levels of staff are really treated equally.&nbsp. In fact, even new employees are encouraged to make decisions that even upper management will buy into.&nbsp. Upper managers are approachable and do not use titles.&nbsp. In essence, Google is naturally like any other company in that they have a hierarchy and system of seniority, but it is not utilised in the daily decision making process.&nbsp. If one individual needs assistance, they will engage the employee that they feel can provide them with the best possible assistance, without considering one’s actual job title or time of service with the company.&nbsp. This has worked to fully engage em-ployees that work for Google.

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