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Need an research paper on early childhood education- case analysis. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. This paper makes a conclusion that teachers develop a curriculum from observing the children and noting down their developmental skills, interests and other possibilities they can discover on their own within the parameters of safety. This curriculum envisions implementation in an environment organized by teachers to be rich in possibilities and provocations that challenge children to explore, problem-solve, usually in small groups while the teachers act as keen observers or recorders of the children’s learning. Teachers get to balance their role by sometimes joining the circle of children and sometimes objectively remaining outside the loop. In doing so, children are allowed feelings of success as they manage to be architects of their own learning. This exercise of analyzing the case helps teachers be more aware of the learning that goes on during play, link it to theory, and guide these children to pursue their interests in a safe and conducive environment.

This paper talks that children had the freedom to communicate with whoever they wanted in the environment. Children relate to others on their own. Imogen felt the need to share the information she learned from her exploration with her friends.

The learning environment provided the children with opportunities to explore and to learn for themselves. Learning ensues in a conducive environment that offers interactions with peers and supportive adults. Piaget contends that children learn a lot from interactions with the environment, at the same time, Vygotsky theorizes that children learn through conversations and involvement with peers and adults.

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