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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Humanity of the creature in the Novel Frankenstein. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. From this paper, it is clear that sensitivity is important for the continuation and strength of human generation since it allows individuals to act best towards other human beings. Naturally, the way Robert presents his narration about the creature indicates that the latter is able to live among other beings. After realizing that his physical grotesqueness, considered as the blinding factor which binds the society from the seeing his human nature, was the result of Victor’s creation, he set off on a revenge mission.

He ends up murdering Victor’s closest friend and wife.

Even though the creature exhibits the major qualities required of a human being, his physical appearance makes it different from the people in the society. His creator had involved a variety of human body parts and chemicals thereby making the result to be rejected by the community. The society considers that the difference existing in his physical grotesqueness may be of danger to their living. Consequently, most of the scenes depict rejection from the society through beatings and disgust. From this point, it is notable that the society considers an individual as their own based on the physical appearance and not acts.

In conclusion, it is true that comparing the qualities of the creature to that of human beings, without considering its physical grotesqueness, essentially makes the creature one of the human beings. Robert’s narration proves that the creature is part of human society since he has all the attributes required for harmonious.

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