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questions solutionsCase Problems1. Pine Valley FurnitureAlex Schuster began Pine Valley Furniture as ahobby. Initially, Alex would build custom furniturein his garage for friends and family. As wordspread about his quality craftsmanship, he begantaking orders. The hobby has since evolved into amedium-sized business, employing more than 50workers.Over the years, increased demand has forcedAlex to relocate several times, increase his salesforce, expand his product line, and renovate manual systems on which they were modeled. Inan effort to improve its information systems, PVFrecently renovated its information systems,resulting in a company-wide database and applicationsthat work with this database. Pine ValleyFurniture’s computer-based applications are primarilyin the accounting and financial areas. Allapplications have been built in-house, and whennecessary, new information systems staff is hiredto support Pine Valley Furniture’s expandinginformation systems.a. How did Pine Valley Furniture go about developingits information systems? Why do youthink the company chose this option? Whatother options were available?b. One option available to Pine Valley Furniturewas an enterprise-wide system. What featuresdoes an enterprise-wide system, such as SAP,provide? What is the primary advantage of anenterprise-wide system?c. Pine Valley Furniture will be hiring two systemsanalysts next month. Your task is todevelop a job advertisement for these positions.Locate several Web sites or newspapersthat have job advertisements for systems analysts.What skills are required?d. What types of information systems are currentlyutilized at Pine Valley Furniture?Provide an example of each.

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