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I will pay for the following article Globalization and Its Different Faces. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This essay discusses that there is a stark difference in the quality of life of people in the developed countries compared to those from the developing countries. Human rights also become negated more in developing countries in the hopes of churning out cheap goods for the consumers of the developed countries. The economies of these countries will not stay afloat without the other but the gap should be less and not increasing as it is due to globalization.

In conclusion, this is truly sad considering that we enjoy cheap yet good quality goods here in the US at the expense of the rights of people in poverty-stricken countries. I am not in favor of this practice and I hope that much more will open their eyes in response to the abuses that globalization brings.

And in my opinion, globalization brings great benefits if used and managed wisely, but if we let a few people benefit from it, then globalization will be a tool for inflicting greater abuses against our fellow men. Being interconnected and interdependent on other nations is a good thing because there are more opportunities to build each other up this way. I just hope that everyone, whether from a developed or developing country would choose to see all aspects of globalization and make personal commitments to using their influence to institute change in the current system. Globalization should not be judged according to one face only. One should see the whole picture to get to know if globalization is truly beneficial or not.

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