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2 article reviews on nutrition 

The media is a major source of nutrition information and misinformation, particularly with the rise of social media. Though social media posts can be persuasive, they are not always based in fact.

For this assignment, select a nutrition “expert” with a substantial social media presence (blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). You will complete 2 review/evaluations of their posts/content

When selecting a post/content, choose a post that relates directly or indirectly to nutrition. Some examples could be: posts promoting nutrition products, posts discussing the health benefits of specific foods, posts about weight loss products/diets, etc.

Each review should contain:

1.      A link to the original post.

2.      A summary of the content of the post.

3.      A discussion of the author’s credentials. What qualifies this author to make this nutrition claim? [You only need to do this for the first post]

4.      A discussion of the sources of the nutrition information. Did the author include a link to the original source of the information? Is the original source reliable?

5.      Refer to the “10 Red Flags of Junk Science” (pg. 23, also found in Lecture 1 slides). Does this post have any of the red flags? Which ones?

6.      Can you substantiate any of the claims using reliable sources? Do a brief search using reputable websites (pubmed, .gov, .edu) and discuss your findings.

7.      Summarize your conclusions about this post. Is the post promoting legitimate nutrition information based in science? Or is it unsupported by the current evidence?

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